Works Engineering Power-Plus Throttle Body

Works Power-Plus Throttle Body increase horsepower and torque by optimizing airflow to your engine. On forced induction applications, this quick bolt-on has shown gains of 5-10hp. On high-output naturally aspirated engines, we have seen gains of 10+ hp. Our larger bore throttle bodies are capable of flowing enough air to support over 500hp.

Work Power-Plus Throttle Bodies are precision CNC-machined from forged AL6061-T6 billet aluminium, vacuum tested, and hard anodized for increased durability.

W-TB-HB1618 Honda B16-20, B18C,H22 and D series – 70mm
W-TB-ME13/4G93 Mitsubishi EVO 1-3 / 4G93 / 4G93T / 4G92 / Mivec – 70mm
W-TB-ME78 Mitsubishi EVO 4,5,6,7 and 8 – 70mm
W-TB-GDB Subaru Veriosn 7 and 8 including STI – 70mm
W-TB-NS1415 Nissan Silvia S14/15 SR20 – 70mm
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